How You Can Improve Email Campaign ROI

By Michael Foster

Marketing strategies are ideally built from the ground up by creative and analytic specialists who clearly know the campaign’s goal, the product’s target audience and the platforms that are available to drive the message home. We live in an imperfect world, so of course the reality is often far from that ideal, but that doesn’t mean marketers shouldn’t try to develop tactics that make marketing programs as successful as possible.

What tactics can marketers employ? The answer is extremely complicated, but it basically boils down to knowledge. Marketers who have experience in the industry will instinctively know what works and what doesn’t, and they can use that experience to drive campaigns further. But there’s more to marketing in the modern era than just experience. A/B split testing, regressive analytics and spot testing new strategies are all crucial ways marketers can improve their campaign performance.

So why isn’t everyone doing it?

The usual problems show up. Lack of budget, lack of time and lack of managerial direction are common complaints. But again, marketers can go beyond these typical roadblocks if they constantly look for a better and more powerful toolbox to allow them to achieve more with less.

This theme is on of the keys of this year’s DMA Email Evolution conference in New Orleans. Email marketers know more than anyone else what it means to be unloved by the executives despite just how important your channel is for corporate success. Email remains one of the best performing bottom-of-the-funnel marketing tools, especially when it comes to remarketing and upselling, yet it rarely gets the attention and budget that it deserves.

No matter – email marketers can develop their own strategies to improve customer response. That is the topic of the conference workshop entitled “Advanced Strategies and Test Plans to Grow, Engage and Convert your Customers.” Led by Holistic Email Marketing Founder Kath Pay, DEG Digital Senior Email Marketing Strategist Laura Madden and Epsilon VP of Digital Solutions Kara Trivunovic, the workshop will focus on what optimization strategies and actionable insights you can take back to your business to get your campaigns yielding even more conversions and higher revenues.

In addition to an in-depth discussion about A/B split testing, Kath Pay will look at how to drive actions for customers, using push channels to improve pull channel performance and how to analyze email campaign performance to improve future campaigns’ ROI. Laura Madden picks up to talk about strategies to analyze existing subscriber bases and how to improve acquisition efforts, with a focus on understanding the value of data to drive campaigns higher. Kara Trivunovic will then take a bigger-picture view of how to make long-term initiatives to boost customer engagement and get more executive support to improve email performance.

Join us at this year’s Email Evolution to learn how to make your email campaigns more powerful and more effective.

This article is brought to you by the DMA. Click here to register for Email Evolution Conference, May 1-3, 2017, in New Orleans.