Email Ninja Training at Email Evolution

By Barry Eitel

Truly effective marketing – via email and other channels – requires a strong foundation. Unfortunately, knowing where to go to learn the next level of email marketing techniques is a difficult question.

Where do email ninjas train to become email ninjas?

One dojo that is easily accessible to all is the DMA Email Evolution Conference happening this May in New Orleans. A wide range of learning opportunities exist, from the keynote speeches to discussions on the exhibitor floor, but one course for the experienced marketer that should not be missed actually happens before the main conference begins.

Email marketer expert Jeanne Jennings, vice president of client strategy and creative services at marketing firm Red Pill Email, will drill attendees in a pre-conference workshop aimed at developing a new portfolio of marketing techniques. The workshop, which takes place on the afternoon of Monday, May 1, is entitled “Developing Personas, Journeys, FBAs and Other Foundations for Your Marketing.”

“Red Pill Email principals’ leadership in the area of email metrics shows our deep understanding of how to accurately measure email,” Red Pill says of its leaders. “We can tell you how email interacts with other media, how to determine your best (and worst) subscribers and how to use data to drive decision-making – whether it be implementing an email testing program, creating customer personas to drive segmentation or understanding customer-offer matching through response modeling.”

The workshop will teach how to develop and leverage the building blocks of great marketing programs and campaigns. As an attendee, you will even have the chance to participate in interactive exercises that allow you to begin developing these foundations for your organization.

Some of the topics covered include developing customer personas, where you will take your target audiences to an extremely granular level and then flesh out what this audience thinks, feels, sees and does. You will be put in their shoes and understand their personal goals.

Then, attendees will study prospect journeys, which is thinking through the path that potential customers take to becoming actual customers. The more you understand touchpoints and influences along the way, the better you will be able to develop a marketing program to lead them through the trail, and perhaps even get them to the end goal sooner.

Feature Benefit Advantage (FBA) Analysis is, in Red Pill’s opinion, one of the most effective and underutilized tools for developing key talking points that will be used as the basis for all your marketing communications. FBA Analysis will be a focus of the workshop, as will be developing Message Maps for your campaign. Message Maps help you define and prioritize your key messages. These maps can then help you figure out how to spread these messages to your customers.

Finally, Jennings will speak about the Scientific Method, which, yes, is similar to the one you learned about in 5th grade, and Quantitative Analysis. The scientific method will help you test different hypotheses in order to develop the most effective campaign, while quantitative analysis is using spreadsheets and numbers to improve your marketing campaign. Effective marketing, by the way, is about more, much more, than pretty creative.

This article is brought to you by the DMA. Click here to register for Email Evolution Conference, May 1-3, 2017, in New Orleans.