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03 Feb

Spark your email creativity

By Barry Eitel

Email has been heralded as the marketing workhouse, some 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than either Facebook or Twitter. Many marketers still struggle with making emails sexy, however, and aren’t fully taking advantage of the next generation of creative techniques. Innovation and creativity are intersecting, sparking a new level of content and

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01 Feb

‘Abrasive’ and ‘feared’ journalist Kara Swisher set to speak at Email Evolution

By John Egan

She’s relentless. She’s tough. She’s confrontational. She’s “proudly charmless and abrasive.” She’s the “most feared and well-liked journalist” in Silicon Valley. No matter the phrase used to describe her, the journalist in question — Kara Swisher — has certainly made an impression during her career. “Swisher is both so famously thin-skinned and so notoriously combative that she’s created a let’s-not-go-there

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29 Jan

Are your marketing emails letting you down? Try a coupon

By John Egan

Disappointed by the results of your email marketing efforts? If it makes sense for your business, then you might want to try including a coupon in your marketing emails. Email campaigns with coupons enjoy higher open, click and conversion rates than emails without coupons, according to a study by Remarkety, which provides an email marketing platform for

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24 Aug

Call for proposals is now open!

By Email Evolution Conference

Enchenté! It’s with great pleasure that we announce this year’s Email Evolution Conference date and location—and officially kick off the call for proposals. This marks the start of the conference’s official planning; your submissions will coalesce into another year of priceless insights and valuable networking. In 2016, we will be leaving Miami and taking the

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